Oswayo Valley School Struggling with Budget Cuts

Oswayo Valley looks to layoff teachers, staff in anticipation of state education cuts

by Tim Hallman/Cody Ayers

OSWAYO VALLEY – The absence of a librarian, a principal, and two teachers from most schools would hardly go noticed, but at a school the size of Oswayo Valley, such cuts will certainly be felt.

This is the reality that Oswayo Valley school board members are currently faced with.

Governor Corbett’s budget has slashed education funding across the state, and rural schools such as Oswayo Valley are scrambling for a solution – a solution which seems to inevitably include laying-off teachers and cutting educational programs.

In addition to possibly laying off several staff members, school board members are also contemplating axing art and music programs.

A student at Oswayo Valley, Cody Ayers, had this to say about the expected cuts, “They are making all these cuts, that in the end will make MY education worse. I think these cuts are foolish, and they should find another way around this.”

Stay with CoudyNews as we continue to follow this story and the impact of the budget crisis on other local school systems.

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