Tom Corbett wants Acorn to open up their books

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett wants ACORN to comply with a subpoena seeking their financial records.

According to Corbett, ACORN violated laws governing how non-profit organizations receive donations. The AG’s office also says ACORN continued to receive, solicit, and accept donations even after the Pennsylvania Department of State issued cease-and-desist orders.

The AG’s office alleges that ACORN collected at least $355,056 while not properly registered to do so.

Corbett not only wants detailed financial records, but he is also seeking a list of donors, how much they gave, and their addresses and telephone numbers.

Corbett’s petition comes on the heels of a lawsuit by ACORN itself, which seeks to have a Federal Judge strike down a state law that bars quotas involving voter registration drives. Tom Corbett is named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

ACORN officials previously announced that they would cease operations, but motions filed by the organization’s attorneys shows that they have not formally dissolved, and that they perhaps intend to resume operations in Pennsylvania.

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