PA Judge Suspended for 'Bizarre and Weird' Behavior

From PennLive

HARRISBURG — A district judge described by his attorney as “socially inept and challenged with women” was suspended without pay Tuesday for two months for behavior that included calling female lawyers repeatedly and making uninvited visits to their homes or offices.

The Court of Judicial Discipline also placed North East District Judge Gerard Alonge on probation until his term expires at the end of next year and directed him to continue getting mental health treatment.

Alonge, 51, apologized in court for behavior that the court described as “bizarre and weird” and “conduct akin to ’stalking.’

In a 20-page written opinion issued last month, the court said Alonge called the women repeatedly — often at night, even after being told to stop — and learned intimate details of their private lives that suggested he had investigated them.

“This is beyond unsettling — this is scary,” wrote Judge Joseph M. James for the seven-member court.

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