PA Superior Court Overturns Tinted Window Ruling


Ben Brubaker was driving home to Dillsburg after work March 28, 2008, when he noticed a Camp Hill police sport utility vehicle tailing him.

Brubaker said he knew what was coming. The lights started spinning and the officer, Lane Pryor, pulled over Brubaker on southbound Route 15, telling him the side windows of his 1991 Acura Integra were too dark.

In this situation, it’s likely most people would have accepted the citation, perhaps had the tint film removed, paid the $108 fine and moved on with their lives.

Brubaker, 27, is not like most people. The traffic engineer with no legal experience fought the citation and, even after losing twice in court, appealed it to the state Superior Court.

And he won.

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  1. george franz says:

    The same situation happened to me. I plead not guilty in district court, but the judge sided on the Policemans statement about the meter. I had to apy the fine. Now, I will appeal and hopefully get my money back based upon the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruling. thanks

    P.S. Does anybody know the court ruling case which I can use for reference? thanks

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