Pastor Tremblay Responds

Pastor Tremblay rebukes falses reports of ‘death threats’ and ‘screaming’ at library staff

Editors Note: The filmmakers for ‘Out In The Silence’ took an article from here at and completely exaggerated, misconstrued, and manipulated what it said. They then interjected false reports of library staff being threatened and screamed at, with no facts to back up such statements. Solomons Words For The Wise then took the blog post from the filmmaker’s website and posted it as a news release.

In order to set the record straight, I am sending a statement concerning my personal perspective as a citizen of Potter County and as a Christian Pastor in regards to the film being show at the Public Library, “Out in The Silence”.

First, I plan to take the time tonight to watch the movie online at and be completely informed as to its content and message.

I will not attend the meeting at the Library because it’s avowed purpose is to change minds . God’s Word is my guide and Jesus is my Lord in such matters.

A few Local pastors met Monday Evening to discuss the issue and our decision was to watch the film and reserve further response until we had gained more information.

We as Christians love all people. We love Homosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people. I have friends who fit these categories.

We do not have to agree with people to love them. If that was necessary, love would be impossible.

While they know of my stand concerning Biblical morality, they do not doubt my love for them.

My ONLY objection to the showing of the movie “Out in The Silence” is the use of a Tax-Payer funded library as the venue.

In effect, the tax money of those who disagree with this agenda is being used to promote the issue of “same-sex” marriage.

We have asked the Library to reconsider its decision to use our tax-money for this divisive agenda.

Such groups should promote their political agendas using their own resources and not that of the tax-payers.

All of my contacts with the library have been respectful as has been everyone that I know. We have asked our people to respond in Christian love.

I am disappointed that our friends on another news blog have reported “death threats”, “shouting” and the like. If any such things have happened, proof should be given and such news should not be reported without investigation. In any case, I deplore and do reject any such behavior. It has not come from us.

In The Love of Christ,

Pastor Pete Tremblay

Coudersport Free Methodist Church

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