Penn York Camp Advocates Leadership Programs to Local Rotary Club

Penn York presents beneficial summer activites for youth

by Karen C. Cahilly

Marlin Shrock of the Penn York Camp & Retreat Center located in Ulysses, PA, approached the Coudersport Rotary Club at one of the Club’s recent meetings to advocate leadership programs and activities geared toward inner confidence.

According to Shrock, Penn York offers a (1) week camp in the summer which includes a challenge course containing a 20 and a 30 foot high zip-line and suspension-type board bridge.  The challenge courses are used to teach the children to overcome fears, to trust themselves and to trust others, which Shrock believed would be of particular interest to the Coudersport Rotary Club given the club’s dedication to youth leadership programs.

Penn York Camp was purchased by the community in 1969-1970 and consists of 150 acres, a 200 foot long water slide and a winter tubing and mountain board slopes all open to the public in addition to other various other activities including scrapbooking and hunting skills programs.  Approximately 50% of the camp’s visitors are non-Christian-based organizations and include 47 different schools and agency-related organizations, including the University of Pitt at Bradford and the Coudersport Area School District.

According to Shrock, the week long summer camp and challenge courses available at the camp have, until recent years, been one of the best kept secrets of Potter County.  The 20 foot zip-line and challenge course has been used by several area organizations for “team building” while the 30 foot zip-line challenge course is best equipped to teach self-reliance and self-confidence.

Shrock spoke to the members of the Coudersport Rotary Club at the Club’s request to shed light on the various leadership building resources available at the club and within the Potter County community.  Anyone interested in learning more about the Camp or wishes to participate in many of the activities available at the camp and open to the public, can contact Marlin Shrock directly at or by calling 848-9811.

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