PennDOT Announces Highway Deaths in 2011 Second-Lowest on Record

Harrisburg – There were 1,291 people killed in crashes on Pennsylvania
roads last year, the second-lowest number on record and 33 fewer than in 2010,
according to PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch.
"While we are encouraged that the number of people killed on Pennsylvania
roads dropped last year, we must remember that each of these victims has loved
ones who have to deal with their loss each and every day," Schoch said. "It's
because of those lives lost and all the lives that we hope to save next
year that we are working on several fronts to make Pennsylvania highways safer
for everyone."

PennDOT has invested approximately $50 million in the last five years for
safety improvements such as cable median barriers, centerline and edgeline
rumble strips and obstruction removal. PennDOT also invests approximately
$20 million annually in state and federal funds for safety education and
enforcement efforts statewide.

Fatalities in crashes involving a drinking driver decreased from 417 in
2010 to 379 in 2011, the lowest number in more than 10 years.

Motorcyclist and bicyclist fatalities also decreased in 2011. Motorcyclist
fatalities dropped from 223 in 2010 to 198 in 2011, while bicyclist
fatalities decreased from 21 to 11 in that same time period.

Fatalities in hit-tree crashes also decreased, with 295 in 2010 compared to
250 in 2011. Fatalities resulting from cross-median crashes decreased from 84
in 2010 to 48 in 2011, and head-on crash fatalities fell to 158, the lowest
number in more than a decade.

While many fatal crash categories saw decreases in 2011, some categories
increased.  Fatalities in crashes involving a 16-year old driver increased from
19 in 2010 to 29 last year. Crashes involving trains or trolleys and
vehicles resulted in six fatalities, an increase from one fatality in 2010.

The lowest number of traffic fatalities ever recorded in Pennsylvania
occurred in 2009, when there were 1,256 fatalities. The state's traffic-fatality
numbers are heading in the right direction: in 2001, there were 1,531 fatalities.
For more information on PennDOT's safety initiatives, visit

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  1. Loni says:

    I just want to point out that PA has abolished the helmet law and deaths have gone DOWN!!! Just proves that helmets are restrictive, making it harder to hear things around you!

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