Pesticide Disposal Program Coming To Potter County

From Potter County Today

pesticideAgricultural businesses and pesticide applicators in Potter County will be able to dispose of unwanted pesticides safely in 2011 through a State Agriculture Department program. Since 1993, the program has helped the state’s agriculture industry and homeowners dispose of nearly two million pounds of pesticides. Each year, many pesticide products are discontinued or phased out, leaving growers, commercial establishments and applicators with quantities of potentially dangerous and toxic materials that cannot be placed in landfills. The unwanted pesticides often become a safety hazard and an environmental concern.

Licensed pesticide applicators in agribusinesses and commercial enterprises are eligible to participate by completing a registration form that will be direct-mailed. The registration period ends March 31. An independent contractor will collect and package all waste pesticides primarily for incineration. For more information, call 1-800-346-4242.

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