Planned Food-Stamp Asset Test Gets First Hearing

The Corbett administration plans to bar food-stamps to people who have more than a certain amount of assets.  Advocates for the food-stamp recipients in PA are against this change.  The House Human Services Committee is holding the only public hearing scheduled to date today.  The change is scheduled to take effect May 1st.  It would bar households with eligible assets of more than $5,500, and $9,000 for those with an elderly or disabled member.  There is currently an income limit, but no asset test.  As of now, a family of four qualifies if its income is less than $35,300.  Many feel that this new plan will punish people for saving money.


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  1. Atakith says:

    “this new plan will punish people for saving money.” I’m not against helping those in need of a hand, but as it is right now the system kind of punishes me, the working man, by not allowing me to save money or at least as much. I’ve seen way too many “need assistance” people buying Omaha Steaks and other high end food while I stock up on Ramen Noodles, generic cans of veggies etc because that’s what I can afford!

  2. MOM says:

    Agree with Atakith. Why should my tax dollars pay for food and medical expense for someone who has the resources, savings account, extra vehicle, etc, to pay for these things themselves? I have no problem helping those that are truly in need, however if you have savings or extra vehicles such as a 4-wheeler, motorcycle, camper, etc, you should have to use those resources before you qualify for aid. Also those who have expensive vehicles or homes should only qualify for limited aid or sell these things and buy something that is less expensive. I honestly did have someone purchase food with an EBT card at the store I work in and go to the parking lot and drive away in a late model Cadillac Escalade. There is something wrong with this picture.

  3. Momkrystopher says:

    Ok I am a person receiving food stamps. First of all I want it know that when I was able to work I did.but right now. Because My fiance and I are not able to have us both working and pay for child care for 5 kids. We don’t have a lot of assets but the ones we do have are the gonna count but are needed in order to get my children around and my fiance to work…….. and of course if we only gad one car that would mean my children suffer for medical attention.I don’t use my food stamps for UN healthy items. I use them to fed my 5 kids and my fiancée. But of course in some people’s eyes I am abusing the system because I asked for help..

    • Atakith says:

      Momokrystopher, I didn’t see any post that even implied you were “abusing the system”. Obviously, according to your post, you’re situation makes you not one of the welf lifers who’s only goal is to work the system to make sure they don’t have to earn a living. I’m sorry about the situation you’re in but my wife and I both work and are raising 4 kids and have 1 vehicle for all emergency/work/school etc needs and noone here seems to suffer. It’s just how it is, gotta make due. Maybe you don’t buy unhealthy food but you seem to be the exception to the PA Gravy Train ride. Most of the carts I see at the local grocers are packed full of chips, soda, etc and driven away in cars I would love to have to homes with 60″ high def tvs all paid for with the sweat and blood of the working man/woman. THOSE are the bums I have a problem with.

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