Rash of Thefts in Coudersport Leads Police to Apartment above China Garden, Two Arrested

COUDERSPORT – Two Coudersport residents are behind bars after they allegedly stole multiple items from vehicles parked along side streets in Coudersport.

State Police say on Tuesday, May 31, they received a complaint of two white males entering unlocked vehicles and stealing contents from inside.

Upon arrival at the scene, police say they observed two individuals;  Nikki Rushmore, age 20, of 38 Toles Hollow Road; and Justin Crust, age 21, of 153 Angel Lane, in the area the thefts were reported. Police say Rushmore and Crust matched the description of the suspects, and admitted to breaking into the vehicles after they were found to be in possession of stolen items.

Sources tell CoudyNews the police investigation involving the apartment above the China Garden in Coudersport was the result of an investigation into these thefts, as the suspects are believed to have stored some of the stolen items there.

Among the items stolen were stereo components, bicycles, GPS units, satellite radios, credit cards, check books, sunglasses, compact disks, CD cases, digital cameras, video cameras, knives and coin purses.

Police say they have yet to compile a complete list of victims and stolen items, but included the following victim information in a news release:

  • Jeremy Perkins, 27, of Dwight Street
  • Duane Bonniger, 65, of Dwight Street
  • Henry Fuller, 63, of Mill Street
  • James Mitchell, 61, of West Beech Street
  • Kimberly Griffith, 48, of Vine Street
  • Janelle Gill, 21, of Park Avenue

Rushmore and Crust were arraigned in front of District Judge Annette Easton and sent to jail on $10,000 straight bail.

Anyone with information pertaining to this investigation is asked to contact State Police in Coudersport by calling 814-274-8690.

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  1. john says:

    lol crust . dumbass….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to the cops. Job well done.

  3. frank says:

    well id like to know why des is still free and roaming around…. out of all the shit she is involved in and is still not in jail??? im sure im just one of the hundreds of ppl here in coudersport that would like to know why she is free….

  4. Crooked Cops says:

    Kudos to the cops? You mean those people who think they’re above the law? The guys that walk around with a chip on their shoulder? The Gestapo in blue? The biggest gang in America?

    **** you pigs.

  5. Crooked Cops says:

    Probably because she’s ********* half of them.

  6. admin says:


  7. Crooked Cops says:


  8. admin says:

    Yes. Easy on the profanity and accusations, please.

  9. Crooked Cops says:

    I thought you meant it was easy for her to be free LOL.

  10. Mike Dock says:

    Crooked Cops, calm down and take some more oxys. Also, you are taking the side of turds who steal from other people? Shows what type of person you truly are…..bottom feeder.

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