Police Blotter – Identity Theft in Ulysses, Mirror Broken in Roulette

SUV mirror broken in Roulette

ROULETTE – State Police report that unknown actor(s) broke the passenger-side mirror off of a green Mercury Mountaineer owned by Kathleen A. Wild, 50, of Roulette. The incident occurred sometime between 3 – 7:00 pm on October 21, while the vehicle was parked at 153 Main Street in the Village of Roulette. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the PA State Police at 814-274-8690.

Ulysses man victim of Identity Theft

ULYSSES – State Police investigated a report of Identity Theft that occurred sometime on October 19. Jason K. Reed, 30, of Ulysses, reported that while reviewing his debit card transactions he observed an unknown pre-authorized purchase in the amount of $560.72 for merchadise at a Bed Bath & Beyond located in New Jersey. Reed was able to contact his bank before the purchase was approved. State Police are still investigating the matter. Anyone with information is asked to contact the PA State Police at 814-274-8690.

Would-be Thieves flee scene on Fox Hill Road

ULYSSES – State Police were dispatched to 2426 Fox Hill Road on October 21 during early morning hours after Claudia J. Huntzinger, 53, of Ulysses, related to police that someone had removed an outdoor chair from her porch and began carrying the chair towards her garage, before the garage sensor light lit-up, scaring the away the thieves, who dropped the chair and fled the scene. Anyone with information is asked to contact the PA State Police at 814-274-8690.

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