Police Release Details in West Bingham Suicide

WEST BINGHAM – Tragically, a West Bingham man is dead after taking his own life Sunday.

State Police in Coudersport say that 36-year-old Randy C. Pollock, of Genesee, PA was pronounced dead at his Hickox-Ulysses Road home by Coroner Keven Dusenbury.

Police say Pollock died as the result of hanging himself.

An investigation into the matter continues.

Mr. Pollock’s obituary can be found in the article below.

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  1. Eric says:

    would have been nice if you could have spared the details…… atleast for the familys sake.
    while i realize that reporting the news is the whole idea here, try to show a little compassion for the family.

  2. susan cardy the deceased sister says:

    yeah really thanks for sparing the family it was so thoughtful of you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really? I don’t see where Coudy News has done anything wrong. They reported the news. As for details? What details? The article is to the point and seems to only state what happened. What details?

    I didn’t see any of you complaining when that guy got killed on Denton Hill and that article was here. How is this any different?

    Seems like someone is misplacing their anger. Get off their back. You are doing a great job Coudy News, keep up the good work!

  4. Family says:

    That is how it happened…but his family is suffering so they didnt have to be so blunt. Next time have some courtesy…They did not have to say it like that.

  5. admin says:

    I’m sorry folks, I completely understand your anger and sadness. I’m just not sure how else we could have written the article. I tried to be a minimal as possible, knowing it is a sensitive subject.

    As for not publishing the article, that would be a disservice to all. As a news agency, our job is to cover the news as thoroughly as possible, maintaining a record of history. Unfortunately, much of the news we cover is very saddening, but we must still cover it.

    Please accept my sincere condolences. If there is anything that we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me: tim@coudynews.com.

    Please contact me either way, as I would like to speak with you privately.

  6. Jill Ambrotti says:

    I find it kinda funny that people have no problem reading about tragedies that happen to others.. as i read coudy news daily i see peoples comments asking for updates on other deaths and mishaps… I dont see as where they even went into details about this incident… In my opinion it was very minimal. BUT… as to the people complaining… well i dont see anything here from the family or friends but complaints… one would think they would have comments such as their hearts and prayers go out to the guy… no i dont see any of that.. funny… that when a girl is raped that is ok to put on the news… and no one complains about her embarrassment or her families embarrassment. And not a single one of you ever have a problem reading that and spreading the story and names around. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this article. I personally know a heck of alot more details about this incident that were not mentioned that i got from other places. I feel this article was written with the most respect possible… a simple name and very minimal of what happened. Maybe some people have nothing better to do… even know they should be comforting their family members instead of trying to put the editor of a NEWS site down and try to make that person feel as if they did something wrong and make them feel guilt. Remember the oj trial???? im sure you all do… what about that girl that was murdered… heck they showed pictures and everything else and drug it on for years… and your gonna complain for the news simply saying a man died from result of suicide… yeah… get real..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Umm, why didn’t the family ask the police not to release information if it’s a problem?

  8. Eric says:

    it could have could have just simply stated that he died unexpectedly, and left it at that. there is a difference between dieing in an accident, and the outcome here. try to put yourself in the shoes of the family, how would you feel????

  9. susan cardy deceased sister says:

    it was hard enough finding him and i was very upset that they published that the way they did this was a very bad tragedy for the family should of spared the way that he committed suicide. commited suicide would of been information enough…..rest in peace baby brother

  10. jeff says:

    yeah well i think that even car accidents are just as tragic as any other form of death.. its obsurd people are going to complain about the news being written as short as this.. Published the way they did? yeah and hows that? did you ever think that maybe if it wasnt posted about what happened that there would be rumors out and about making it even worse than it was? i feel you people need to quit complaining about it and when all the other news publishers finally get around to telling the news im sure you will find that its written worse than it is here… and written died unexpectedly ? yeah then you have hundreds of people asking everyone what happened because people want to know. i think this could have been in actual detail.. what was provided isnt detail as you make it out to be.. would you rather it say exactly what happened and how he was found step by step? your making a big fuss over this just because he was related to you.. if it was someone else i am willing to bet thousands that you would have had no problem with what was written. not saying i dont feel for you and your family but this is retarded to make such a big deal over the news being reported as a suicide by hanging… whatever people… maybe its just because of the type of people you are.. i think i will go back to every single article on here and find all the ones similar and see if you had comments on those ones about the same problem you have now.. im guessing you wont have a single one..

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry for the loss of your loved one.

    Death is the outcome of life, we all will die once. We don’t like it, want it or accept it. We never know when or how either. That is life. It is hard to loose someone we love, we mourn the person we love and miss them. I see no sence in making more of it then what it is. May he rest in peace…. may the family find healing as time goes on.

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