UPDATED: Police vs. Judge: Annette Easton Charged by State Police

UPDATE: The AP (Associated Press) has picked up on this story. According to the AP, Easton uncovered the fact that a Trooper’s license had expired. The article says the Trooper was later fined. For the full story, click here.


COUDERSPORT – State Police in Lamar have charged Coudersport District Magistrate Annette Easton with two counts of Limitations on Sale, Publication and Disclosure of Records, both summary offenses.

Police allege Easton accessed the driving records of Trooper Justin M. LeMaire and Trooper Mark A. Van Volkenburg, without an official purpose for doing so.

Bad blood between Easton and local law enforcement personnel is nothing new. Seven years ago former District Attorney Jeff Leber filed a motion in Potter County court requesting that Easton be barred from hearing criminal cases involving several local law enforcement personnel. Leber accused Easton of having a “shit list”, which included two Borough police officers and three State Troopers. Leber also alleged Easton referred to him as “The Evil One.” Leber was defeated in 2005 and the order barring Easton from hearing cases was lifted in 2006.

It is unclear if Easton is currently hearing cases. Court records indicate she has not, as cases show reassignment beginning in mid-April.

Easton was charged with the offenses on March 16, 2012. The case has been transferred to county court. A summary trial was scheduled for the beginning of June, but it is unclear whether or not the trial was conducted.

CoudyNews has yet to reach anyone for comment. This article will updated in the near future.

**NOTE: Credit for breaking this story goes to the Bradford Era.


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  1. Thomas T. says:

    Looks like revenge on this Judge. Leber had a problem with her and her sister in law and tried to sue them and the local paper. He lost. Proof that cops hold grudges. Who cares if she looked at someones driving record? She’s a judge. It’s okay for cops to pull your driving record whenever they want?

  2. Thomas T. says:

    Looks like truth comes out. Seems this a nothing but a witchhunt to get even with this judge.

  3. Bubbaloo says:

    This is what happens when you take on the cops. Good luck to this Judge lady.

  4. Anony says:

    Nice. This Judge finds out the cops are breaking the law and she gets arrested. Revenge? Oh yea!

  5. justin long says:

    boy oh boy…. love how a cop can drive around in a cop car with no license.. then the person that finds that out gets arrested ???? wtf… ridiculous.. first of all the cop should be suspended from duty, fined, and a longer suspension added for driving without one… annette easton should be congratulated. funny… hey heres a story.. haha i got pulled over and the cop gave me a ticket and took me to jail because i had no drivers license… on thanksgiving at that, horrible part, the cop didnt have one either…. hahaha idk if it was that one or not but im sure thats happened with him… reagardless our state troopers in this area are nothing but low down worthless scum that dont try to help anyone just try to screw people over…. annette easton did NOTHING wrong.. well the people of this town know the state cops and also easton, and if she was so dam bad then she wouldnt have been elected judge over and over…. if these state cops around here could only get their jobs by election, then they would all be shit outta luck and standing in the welfare line with all the other scumbags…. =)

  6. Jsl says:

    just to clear this up as well, when i refer to the cops im talking about the state troopers, the local town cops are not included in this as they are nothing like the state pigs…

  7. jenn says:

    So why should State Police not be accountable for breaking the law? Then allowed to pursue vengeance against someone for bringing it to attention? Anyone in authority should hold themselves to a higher standard as far as I am concerned. Legally a CDL driver who is a professional driver, gets a fine, it’s doubled. This is because you are supposed to know better!!!!!! State Police, in all their knowledge of the law and holding others accountable, should be in twice as much trouble for breaking the law. A CDL driver may even lose his license, and a police officer given a high enough amount of disregard for the law should be suspended.

  8. Drphil says:

    No one eles can drive around with a expired license why should they be able to? And i don’t think it should matter how anyone found out, the police can check on anyone if they feel like it so i say they should get what they deserve. And besides the law does not treat everyone equal.

  9. none says:

    They are all crooks in coudy local and state

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