POLL: Corbett’s Disapproval Rating Triples

Newly elected Governor Tom Corbett entered office with high public support, but that has quickly changed.

Not even 100 days into his term as Governor and Corbett’s job disapproval rating has tripled. The sudden decline in voter support is blamed on Corbett’s proposed budget plans.

A Quinnipiac University poll released this morning indicates 37 percent of voters do not approve of Corbett’s job as governor, up from 11 percent in a February 16 survey.

Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed say they believe Corbett is doing a good job.

Perhaps more unsettling for the Corbett Administration is the high number of voters who are not sure if they approve or disapprove of his performance. With less than four months on the job, Corbett’s chances of securing a second term already look grim.

To see the entire Quinnipiac University poll, click here.

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