Potter County Leadership Class Begins

The 2012 LPC class kicked off its first class for the new year on April 29th with a class of 13 students. The first class of Leadership Potter County graduated in 2008 and since that time we have graduated 58 students.  The purpose of LPC is to create community leaders to help our communities grow and thrive.

Students were welcomed by Helene Nawrocki, Executive Director of PCEC, with a “check-in” style process that the students will do each session.  “Check-in” is where students introduce themselves and reflect from the last class any “ah ha’s” that may have affected their work or professional life.

Presenters for this session included Bob Benson, Don Tanner, Mike Pearson and Helene

Nawrocki.  Together these speakers have over 50 years experience as leaders in business, the military, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. The focus of this session was Leadership Potential, Public Speaking, Formal Introductions, Understanding your Psychological Type, and how your “type” impacts both your personal and professional life

One of the highlights of the day was when the students broke into groups, according to an element of their Psychological Type and were given a task to complete.  Each student returned with their assignment completed according to their “type” realizing that the profile accurately represented their preferences. This was done to help show students the variation between each personality type and how differences in types can lead to conflict.  They were then taught  how to work outside of their preferences  to reduce the impacts of conflict. Learning about different styles creates within the students a broader perspective and respect for those of different style.

Students left, excited about what they had learned that day and what the coming months will bring as they complete the year long program.

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