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WordPress, Wikipedia and others go black in protest of SOPA

Consider this an editorial-on-the-fly. Whether you have realized it or not, the United States government has stripped you and I of many of our Constitutional rights in the past several months.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which was recently signed into law by President Barrack Obama, despite threats to veto the Bill, eliminates your right to a fair trial. It eliminates your right to Habeas Corpus. Disguised as a spending bill to fund our military, the bill’s actual intent was to further trample our Bill of Rights.

This means the US government can now arrest and detain you indefinitely, without charge or trial and without legal representation. Sure, Obama says he will not use his newly found power on American citizens, but really, how can anyone believe a word that man says?

Even more dangerous is that NDAA eliminates Posse Comitatus. This means the American military can now be used against American citizens.

In the latest assault on our right’s comes the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

In a nutshell, SOPA will give full control of censoring the internet to the government; a government that can now arrest and detain you without a scrap of evidence that you have committed a crime. Now, they want to censor the internet and silence any dissent.

Remember, everything Hitler did prior to WWII, he did legally.

With that said, I ask that all of our readers consider visiting the petition page and join us in protesting SOPA. The petition and more information can be found here:

More information on WordPress and Wikipedia’s blackout can be found here:



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