Protestors Call for Justice for Man Beaten by Towanda State Police

WARNING: The video below contains graphic language and content.

Robert Leone

TOWANDA – A YouTube video which offers evidence that PA State Troopers in Towanda severely beat a man while in handcuffs, has gone viral and led to protests calling for justice.

Robert Leone of Vestal, NY, was arrested, tasered and beaten by State Police after a slow speed chase in March of 2010.

On Friday, protesters took to the streets outside a Bradford County courthouse. The video of Leone’s arrest has gone viral, with nearly 100,000 views in the past week.

Leone and his family have filed a civil lawsuit in federal court against the PA State Police, the Borough of Towanda, and the five Troopers involved. Leone alleges his civil rights were violated and he was brutally beaten and assaulted by police.

According to WETM News, District Attorney Daniel Barret says Leone resisted arrest. “The other people that may have opinions on the evidence weren’t there,” said Barrett. “They can have whatever opinions they want. But that’s why we have courtrooms here and not just plazas out front.”

Barret’s statements, however, seemed to be contradicted by the video.

Leone was convicted of simple assault, resisting arrest, fleeing or attempting to elude an officer and accidents involving damage. He was originally charged with three felony counts of aggravated assault on a police officer. One of the State Troopers reportedly suffered a broken hand from punching Leone in the head.

Protesters have accused the Towanda department of a cover-up, and are calling for a national investigation into the actions of the five State Troopers involved.

Leone, who was found not guilty of 20 of the 24 charges lodged against him, received 1 1/2 to 4 years in prison. He remains incarcerated.

An internal investigation by the State Police found no wrongdoing on the part of the five Troopers.



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  1. Donnet Rock says:

    Wow that made me sick to my stomache….We are supposed trust the police……me personally never will i trust one again….All them troopers in that video should hand in thier badges!!!!…That is sad….i have more to say but god forbid they will come to ny after me…so i will keep them thoughts to myself….FREE ROBERT LEONE!!!!!!!

  2. Shena S. says:

    Not hard to tell who the criminals are and who the victim is, just listen to what the cops are saying. The man is practically crying and saying sorry, sorry and referring to the cops as sir while the cops are cussing him out and telling him he’s going to get raped in jail.

  3. Lynntarheel1 says:

    Although the video is nauseating to watch, I think it’s important for all citizens to do so. This evidence of police brutality must be brought to the public’s attention. These 5 “officers” are sadistic thugs who should be prosecuted, and hopefully never again be in a position to harm anyone.

  4. DrMaxHathaway says:

    These so-called “officers of the law” should be imprisoned for the next 50 years to set an example for all of the rest of them.

    They are no better than the worst criminals and, arguably worse since they are charged with the public’s trust. — This violation of the public trust should make these officers’ actions an offense treated like attempted murder
    aggravated by the officers’ carrying weapons and violating their authority and oaths to protect the public.

    After seeing video like this, I would not blame somerone for self-defending themselves against PA Police using deadly force. It’s too bad Mr. Leone didn’t smoke these Nazi officers. — He would have done the world and the citizens of PA a big favor.

  5. And he will probably be offered a reduced sentence to drop his case.
    People make the mistake of lumping all of the police in the same boat when there are some out there that try to help people and try to make a difference.Lumping them all together is like saying all blacks wear their pants around their knees,sell crack and rob people.While the actions of a few reflect on the whole,we still have to look at the true picture.These particular cops were thugs and bullies.Worse than most of the people that they have arrested.In the video,you hear a couple of the officers trying to make the main perputrator get off of him and stop,but when they got to court,he no doubt sided with his fellow officer.If someone beat a dog like this they would be locked up for a long time.But do it to a so-called criminal and its ok.Well you know what,at this point he was only an alledged criminal and the cops have no right to set out this kind of punishment on anyone.Mr Leone may have been a criminal but he definatly is a HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!The officer in this case needs at least 30 days in jail……………….with everyone that he has arrested and treated this way but didnt get it caught on camera.If it hadnt been recorded the record would show that Mr Leone slipped and fell into the car door…………………….how dare he assault an officer,breaking the officers fist with his face………….geez

  6. Policethepolice says:

    If I was a trooper that worked with this chickenshit bastards, they’d be wishing they never heard of that kid that beat. Same if I was a family member to those cowards. Or someone who knew them socially. Or a neighbor or if my kid played with theirs. There are ways to police bad people if they aren’t willing to police their own. I’d make your life miserable.

  7. Fred N. says:

    These are some of Pennsylvania’s finest, to include the DA and the Top Cop at the Towanda Baracks. I’d be ashamed if I were you people.

  8. Donald brown says:

    like too see them beat on me like that fucking scumbagg cowards

  9. EET Prof says:

    PSP storm troopers beat that man.I hope the good troopers at that barracks come forward with the truth.Since several news services have asked the Feds to take another look at the case those coward cops are screwed.DA Barrett should resign.

  10. Zaclan08 says:

    This guy hit multiple cars with ppl in them. Would you feel this was JUST.. if he killed your child? I dont see anything wrong with this video, as being a GF of a PA State trooper. I wouldnt want their jobs and THANK YOU TOWANDA… for Protecting us 🙂

  11. cops blow says:

    Contact the Department

    Bradford County Courthouse
    301 Main Street
    Towanda,PA 18848
    Phone: (570) 265-1712
    Fax: (570) 265-1731

  12. Guest says:


  13. Gliuiower says:


  14. MATT says:

    this is what happens when men with tiny dicks get a little power in their life, they beat on a kid half their size, fuck that police department and enjoy hell you pig fuckers

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