Ray E. Tate, Jr. Sentenced

On March 21, 2012, in the Court of Common Pleas, No. 256-2011, Ray E. Tate Jr. was sentenced as follows:

As to Count 2: Def.Tres.ActualCommunc.To.(M3)Serve a term of 3 months nor more than 12 months incarceration; pay a fine of $500.00.

The defendant will pay the costs of court.  The defendant shall pay a supervision fee of $25 per month, and an administrative fee of $20 per month for all the time spent on probation/parole.  The defendant will perform 20 hours of community service for Potter County at the discretion of Probation and the defendant shall be responsible for the cost of insurance regarding his/her participation.  The defendant shall be paroled at the expiration of his minimum sentence if he is of good behavior.  The defendant shall be work release eligible after one month.  The defendant will attend AA and/or NA meetings as directed.  The defendant is sentenced to take part in the next available Victim Impact Panel Presentation in his/her own county, and his/her own expense.  Defendant is to contact probation in his/her home county to make arrangements for same within 10 days.  Proof of his/her participation in said presentation to be submitted to Potter County Probation within 10 days.

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