Recent Northwest Bank Errors a Major Nuissance for Some Customers

One woman’s account closed after she unknowingly withdrew funds in error

A Bradford woman says her account was closed after she withdrew funds from her Northwest Bank account, following a banking error that appears to have affected thousands of customers.

Lucretia Youngs says that on Thursday of last week, shortly before the holiday weekend, her account showed a deposit of roughly $650, what she normally receives as a payroll direct-deposit. Youngs said she thought nothing of it, and that she assumed her employer deposited payroll funds early in anticipation of the upcoming holiday, as they have done before in the past.

She says she made several withdraws, totaling about $200 that day. On Tuesday she received a letter from the bank stating that she had overdrawn her account. The letter also included charges for overdraft fees.

Youngs says that she visited the bank in Bradford several times to try and clarify the matter, but with no such luck. After several visits and phone calls she received a letter stating that her account had been closed, citing the overdraft as the reason for closure.

Youngs says the worst part isn’t the overdraft fees she has now incurred, but that she still has not received her paycheck, which the bank tells her will be sent via mail. She does not know whether or not the bank will subtract the overdraft fees before mailing out the payment either.

Youngs also said she is having a hard time opening another account, as many banks require several hundred dollars in an initial deposit to open an account, money that she now does not have, as it is in limbo at Northwest bank still.

She says she has to have an account to receive future payroll payments, as her employer only pays via direct deposit. is continuing to investigate the matter. More information as it becomes available.

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