Rotary Club Seeks Host Families

LEFT TO RIGHT: Foreign Exchange Students, Mathia Palaia, Chris Long &Tony Capatch (of Coudersport), Simon Lange

The Coudersport Rotary Club announced today that it is seeking host families for (2) female foreign exchange students inbound for the United States this January; one from Australia and the other from Ecuador.

The Rotary Club’s Foreign Exchange Program gives students an opportunity to experience life in a foreign country where they are exposed to different cultures including education, foods and community life.  The host families are a critical support system for not only the students but for the parents of those children living abroad.

Two Coudersport area students are participating in the foreign exchange program this year including Tony Capatch (son of Greg and Cindy Capatch), and Chris Long (son of Kurt and Michelle Long).  Tony is presently residing in Taipei, Taiwan while Chris Long is residing in Aachen, Germany; each with their foreign “host families”.

For each “outbound” Coudersport student, the Rotary Club is asked to provide one “host family” from the Coudersport area for those foreign exchange students “inbound” from other countries.  This year, the Club is seeking host families for (2) teenaged girls during the period of January to December; one from Australia and the other from Ecuador.

Those families wanting to learn more about the process of becoming a foreign exchange host family are asked to contact Karen Cahilly at the Coudersport Rotary Club at (814) 203-3933.

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