Rotary Welcomes Back Former German Exchange Student

The Coudersport Rotary Club welcomed back former Coudersport foreign exchange student, Simon Lange of Germany, this past Monday during Simon’s two-week return visit to the United States.

LEFT TO RIGHT: George Hults, Rotary District Assistant Governor, Simon Lange, former Foreign Exchange Student from Germany, Karen Cahilly, Coudersport Rotary President.

Simon spent his 2010/2011 school year in Coudersport where he resided with his host parents, Kurt and Michelle Long of Coudersport. According to Simon, he keeps in touch with the Long’s son, Chris, whom is currently spending his senior year in Germany as a foreign exchange student. Simon explained that he has also kept in touch with Tony Capatch, son of Greg and Cindy Capatch of Coudersport, and who is presently being hosted as a foreign exchange student in Taiwan.

Simon told the Club that what he missed most about Germany while residing in Coudersport was the mass transit system, so upon his return home, he purchased a 3-day unlimited mass transit pass and traveled throughout all parts of Germany. However, Simon admits that once returning home, he missed American food the most and he has really been enjoying his meals during his recent visit to Coudersport. “German food is healthy and boring,” stated Simon.

Simon explained that also since returning to Germany, his school in Germany had visited Israel to learn more about the conflicts that have arisen there. “I found it scary to think that so many people are willing to kill each other over their different religious beliefs,” according to Simon.

Simon hopes to return once again to the United States after he graduates in order to attend college. However, Simon is currently in his 12th grade year and the undergraduate school system in Germany requires a thirteen-year curriculum.

The Coudersport Rotary Club is currently in the process of seeking host families for Felipe Herrere of Chile, the Club’s next foreign exchange student, who is scheduled to arrive this August. Felipe is 16 years old, likes to play soccer and has had 6 years of English. “We’d like to recruit 2 host families for Felipe; one from August until New years and another from New years until June,” according to John Leete, the Rotary Club’s local foreign exchange chairman.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Rotary Club’s Foreign Exchange Program or about how to become a host family for inbound students, should contact Judge John B. Leete directly at 274-9720 Ext. 4.

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