Shale Gas Drilling Planned In Coudersport Borough

Potter County Today

hydrofracpondsResidents of the county seat will gain a greater understanding of the far-reaching impact of Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling in the coming months as one of the more active energy companies in the region moves forward with its ambitious plans. Penn Virginia Corporation has been issued permits to drill two deep gas wells in Coudersport Borough. Location is in the Niles Hill area. The Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP), which issued the drilling permits, refers to the sites as Northeast Timberlands A 1H and A 2H. Penn Virginia is also drilling three wells in Allegany Township, north of Coudersport, two on the Risser farm and a third on the Dunn farm.

Company officials held a meet-and-greet session in Potter County last month for emergency service providers and community leaders. They’ll be meeting again with the Potter County Department of Emergency Services staff in early December. Penn Virginia Corporation will be one of the bigger players in the region, with ambitious plans for gas production in townships surrounding Coudersport, including a major lease of state forest land. The company submitted the high bid of $13.9 million on 3,640 acres in Eulalia and Roulette townships. The state will also receive 18 percent of production royalties. During the same round of state forest land leasing, Seneca Resources of Houston, Texas, was high bidder on 7,440 acres between Denton Hill and Fox Hill, offering $23.3 million.

Here is a breakdown of the Marcellus Shale gas well permits issued for Potter County as of Nov. 20: West Branch Township, 16; Pleasant Valley Township, 13; Sweden Township, 8; Abbott Township, 7; Clara Township, 7; Hector Township, 3; Allegany Township, 3; Wharton Township, 3; Coudersport Borough, 2; Sharon Township, 1; Hebron Township, 1.

Ultra Resources Inc. is the most active company in Potter County with the 23 permits in West Branch and Abbott Townships. Pennsylvania General Energy has received 13 drilling permits in Pleasant Valley, 7 in Clara, and 3 in Wharton. Seneca Resources has been issued 8 permits for Sweden Township. Other local players are Triana Energy LLC, 3 in Hector; J-W Operating Company, 1 in Sharon; and Guardian Exploration LLC, 1 in Hebron.

Drilling activity has been much more intense in the counties east of Potter, particularly in Bradford County, but there are signs of an escalated drilling schedule in Tioga County in the coming months.

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  1. linda mowday says:

    how pathetic even in the county seat your letting the murderers in well ill tell u what since i live near there ill be running to docs all the time to check my familys health and ill be sueing away PPPPPAAAATTTHHHEETTIICC you know what is wrong with you people wake up or is there payola going on or dont yous have any back bone to say noooooooooooooooooo

  2. linda mowday says:

    oh yeah and i just love the lovely pic yous put up of once pristine water now look big toxic dump now we all gotta put up with even more big eguipment coming thru county seat and yous wanna call your self untouched wilderness thatsa bunch of crap

  3. linda mowday says:

    dirty your bed and you will one day lie in your own filth

  4. Chad says:

    The problem is you have no land and they are not giving you millions shut the **** up. Your kids will be fine.

  5. Donna says:

    Come On People Wake UP !!!!!!! Why would you let the Devil !! Ruin God’s Country, Well money or No money you can kiss your Beautiful Mountains Good Bye , and your Trout Streams will be done too. Just take a car ride and look at what these gas wells Look like all over the place,and not to think of all the NOISE!!!! Yes NOISE you will hear for weeks and weeks, till they move on to make another mess. Don’t cry when your water is no good to Drink and your Wild Life is gone!!! and your Beautiful Mountains isn’t so Beautiful anymore with all the Green Monsters everywhere!!!!! and no one can fish because the Water is NO good . Remember You Did This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MAKE”S MY HEART SICK.

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