Shirley Leete Says NO to CoudyNews

Last year I donated a flash app (shown below) as a public service to the ‘other local news blog’, that included all local yard sales in an easy to use online interactive map. Many people found the map to be quite useful.

This year, after launching, I figured I would include the same app with this year’s information on, but to my surprise Shirley Leete, who coordinates the event and compiles the information, shot me down.

I spoke to her about fifteen minutes ago, and she cited ‘loyalty’ to the other news blog. I explained to Shirley that there was no reason that both sites could not publish the upcoming town-wide yard sale information, as it was a matter of a public service and not about loyalty to blogs, but apparently she did not agree.

So, I’m sorry folks, but will not have the upcoming yard sale information as planned.

NOTE: The following data is from Last Year

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Some people have their noses so far up in the air, they will drown when it rains.

  2. longHauler says:

    And she’s loyal to SW? after SW lets people talk crap about her all the time? What is she thinking?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This just proves again the problems with living in Coudersport. Why can’t everyone work together and have something great, instead of constantly undermining one another?

  4. hfjdahsf says:

    Shirley Leete just thinks her [edited] don’t stink and I think she needs to be more openminded to things. I think Coudy is a wonderful site that is quickly growing with more and more visitors. SW is more concerned with things going on everywhere else but coudersport. What would it hurt to share the info on something as trivial as a yard sale?? She just thinks she’s a BIG somebody in this town but actually she is just a normal coudy citizen. Get your head out of your but Shirley!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t surprise anyone who has had dealings with her…

  6. Anonymous says:

    More protection of the old guard mentality in Coudersport.

    While she goes on and on in her article this week about encourageing young people to stay busy and follow your dreams, it’s obvious if it conflicts with the status quo, it’s not to be tolerated.

    It’s a Yard Sale announcement for gosh sakes and to pledge loyality to a blog that contributes so much to division, strife and back biting in this community just hints at one of the problems we face as a community in our effort to move forward past this petty and childish bickering.

    If she would step back, she might just realize, some people here are just plum tired and drained from reading the other blog and it’s constant negativity, bashing and putting people down and are ready to move forward.

    Thanks for this new news source.

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