Snyder’s Sentence Reduced by 7 Years

Potter County Judge Stephen Minor recently granted a Motion for Reconsideration of Sentence from David Snyder’s attorney.

Snyder, 51, of Whitesville, NY was sentenced in January of this year to a state prison term of 34 to 68 years by Minor after a jury found him guilty of numerous felony drug charges in October of 2011.

Snyder was considered one of the ring leaders in a multi-million dollar cocaine distribution ring that stretched from the street of New Jersey to the rural regions of Potter County.

Judge Minor ruled that one of the counts on which Snyder was convicted would run concurrently with other counts, rather than consecutively.  As a result, his overall sentenced was reduced by seven years.



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  1. Roxann24_3 says:

    Real nice….way to think about your children.

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