Society Victimized by Marijuana Smoker

Trooper Robert Evanchick of the Mansfield PSP reports that on 4-19-12 at approximately 0958 hours on SR15 Southbound at Sebring Exit, Liberty Twp., Tioga County a traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle being operated by Edwin Alvarado, 29, of Rochester, NY.  During contact with the accused, a strong odor of marijuana was emitting from the vehicle.  Alvarado consented to a search of his vehicle and two small baggies containing marijuana and a half-smoked “blunt” cigar containing marijuana were found.  The accused admitted that the marijuana was his and also admitted to smoking marijuana prior to the stop.  A search incident to a lawful arrest also yielded another baggie of marijuana in the accused’s pant leg.  The accused was arrested and charged with DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia and speeding in MDJ District 04-3-03.  Society is listed as the victim in this crime.

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  1. “Society” would have never known if he wasn’t pulled over randomly, so who’s the victim?

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