SPCA Seeking Foster Families; 3 Horses Included

SPCA seeking foster family for 3 horses, other domestic pets

From the McKean Co. SPCA:

We are currently at the legal limit for the quantity of dogs & cats that we are allowed to keep at the shelter. There is an over abundance of animals, with more coming in daily, and no place for them to go.

We don’t ever want to euthanize an animal, but when it becomes an over-crowding issue…we don’t have a choice.

Due to two recent animal hoarding situations, we have over 20 dogs that will be coming into the shelter. These are animals that we are now aware of, & need to make room for. That doesn’t include the ones that will be brought in as strays, or turned over by their owners in the coming days. Animals are coming in faster than we can get homes for them!

Again, we can only keep a certain number of animals at the shelter to stay within the laws of operating our shelter. Unless we can get some of these animals adopted, or fostered, we will have to make some tough choices.

Please consider adopting or fostering a shelter animal today!

Please spay/neuter your pets to prevent more unwanted animals!

The shelter will provide the temporary foster family with the food, bedding, crates, medications, kitty litter…whatever is needed for the animal that is being fostered.

We are also looking for anyone that raises horses, & would be willing to foster 3 horses.

For information on becoming a foster parent for a shelter animal, please call the McKean County SPCA @ 362-8850, or stop in at 80 Glenwood Avenue, Bradford.

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