State Forest Land/Gas Well Tour Planned Saturday

From Potter County Today

A trip into state forest land in Potter County to view the impact of natural gas wells is planned for Saturday, Feb. 13, and is open to the public. Ron Doughtie from the Pa. Bureau of Forestry has agreed to accompany the group. He’ll share details on the state’s leasing policies and his bureau’s oversight of the industry’s activities on public lands. Those planning to attend should assemble at the Susquehannock Forest District headquarters on Denton Hill no later than 12:30 pm for carpooling/caravan. For more information, contact Melissa Troutman by email at

During the most recent round of state forest land leasing, Seneca Resources of Houston, Texas, was high bidder on 7,440 acres between Denton Hill and Fox Hill, offering an initial bonus payment of $23.3 million. In the same bid solicitation, Penn Virginia Corporation submitted the high bid of $13.9 million on 3,640 acres in Eulalia and Roulette townships. The state will also receive 18 percent of production royalties from both leases.

Other state forest land in Potter County has been leased, as have some tracts of state game lands. Additionally, subsurface rights on roughly half of the more than 250,000 acres of state-owned land in the county are privately owned and portions of those will be subject to drilling.

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  1. mike says:

    BIG QUESTION??? Where’s the money going? It’s not coming back to the people of Potter County. Why isn’t there a tax on these company’s and foreign coutrys? And since the Forest belong to the people and not the state we should have a say so. A long time ago if people remember the governed said ” The land about 80 will be consider as Wilderness to maintain it for recitation and its beauty. There be no commercial building” They had this planned a long time ago, PLEASE REMEMBER THE GOVERNMENT CARES ABOUT ONE THING THEIR KICKBACKS SORRY I MEAN CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM BIG LOBBIES. Start making meeting PLEASE DON’T let them B.S. you and till you its good for you put a too to fracking and killing us, our annals and forest. Follow thevtrucks video take them record and report ALL violations. Thank you and say PA.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s just like Allegheny national forest all of a sudden the oil companies own oil & gas rights to a lot of it. BULL. Those people in charge of the public land are getting kick backs for paper fixing. they need to be put in jail for a long time. If you know anything about it report it on the net to everyone and things will start getting fixed. WE THE PEOPLE ARE GETTING VERY ANGRY . They sent all our jobs to other countries, are leaving illegals in freely, we have a president who shouldn’t be one, what are they going to try next.

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