Storm Photos

The following is a collection of photos showing some of the local damage done by a storm which produced winds in excess of 90mph, ripping trees apart throughout the area. The storm was responsible for one death in Potter County and resulted in the declaration of a State of Emergency.

All photos are available in high-resolution by clicking them. Photos are from CoudyNews staff and Tim Walck Photography.

A YouTube video should be available soon.

Tree limbs downed on 4th Street

Dozens of pines sheared off around Crandall Street, west of CCMH

Pines along Crandall Street

Tree across Allegany Avenue

Several homes and businesses damaged by falling trees

Welcome sign ripped down east of CCMH

Pine tree uprooted in front of residence near CCMH

Dugout at High School blown apart

Truck in woods near High School crushed by several trees

Tree sheared off near High School, another uprooted

Borough employees immediately begin clean-up near Mitchell Park

Street light mangled at corner of Allegany Avenue

This trampoline was thrown hundreds of feet from a home’s yard and over the guard rails on Park Avenue.

Tim Walck Photography

Tim Walck Photography

Tim Walck Photography

Tim Walck Photography

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