Strippers Protest at Ohio Church, Wilson to ‘Protest’ at Library

Joe Wilson and supporters to ‘protest’ Christian Presentation at library

When the Coudersport Public Library decided to screen ‘Out In The Silence’, some local Pastors decided to phone-in and express their opposition to the screening of the movie.

Director Joe Wilson then exaggerated the ‘protest’, and soon Coudersport made national headlines, albeit negative ones.

Now, Diane Gramley, who is vilified in the film, has decided to join some local Coudersport residents in a ‘Christian Presentation’ at the same library, and Joe Wilson and crew have decided to rally their supporters and activists to come back to Coudersport and attend the presentation in ‘protest’. One Wilson supporter says she’ll attend the event to support Wilson, but “more importantly to really irritate [Gramley]”.

A Warsaw, Ohio church has recently seen the same type of retribution. The owner and strippers from a strip club there decided to picket at a local church that they say has been protesting at their place of business for four years, disturbing their business and driving away patrons.

The following is from the

WARSAW, Ohio — The owner of an Ohio strip club and some of his dancers have been protesting at a church that has done the same to them for four years.

Women in bikinis sat in camp chairs Sunday outside the New Beginnings Ministries church in Warsaw, about 60 miles northeast of Columbus.

Tommy George owns the Foxhole strip club in nearby Newcastle. He says he and his employees decided to start coming to the church because they were fed up.

George says the church’s pastor, Bill Dunfee, and his congregation have bothered the club’s weekend patrons. He says they come armed with bullhorns, signs and video cameras for posting customers’ license plate numbers online.

Dunfee calls George a “parasite” and says seeing the protesters outside the church has strengthened the resolve of his flock.

Will Wilson and company be granted the opportunity to speak their minds during this event, or will the Christian presenters stifle and silence their speech as Wilson did those who did not support his agenda?

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