Sun-Gazette Offers Reward for Return of Stolen Torah Scroll

Williamsport Publisher offers $1,000 reward

Williamsport Sun-Gazette publisher Bernard A. Oravec announced the posting of a $1,000 reward by the Sun-Gazette for information leading to the return of the Torah Scroll taken from the Congregation Ohev Sholom, 1501 Cherry Street (in Williamsport)  sometime between late Thursday and Saturday morning.

“I am very saddened by the theft of the Torah Scroll. It is unacceptable for anyone to steal from or vandalize any place of worship in Williamsport. As publisher of the community newspaper, I feel that we must do something to show that this type of behavior toward any synagogue, church or mosque in our community will not be ignored,” Oravec said.

Since news of the theft has spread, the synagogue’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Shaul A. Rappeport, said Wednesday that he has received “many calls, cards and e-mails from people expressing their sorrow” for the loss of the scroll.

“People who don’t even know me, but saw my picture in the paper, have stopped me on the street, with tears in their eyes,” Rappeport said.

“It’s very touching to see how many people in the community have responded. Community leaders, clergyman and many others have expressed their sorrow and have shown their distain at this evil act,” Rappeport said.

He also was very grateful for the Sun-Gazette offering a reward for any information that leads to the recovery of the Torah Scroll, the most sacred article in the Jewish faith.

Oravec said he was hopeful others would help in the recovering of the scroll.

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