Supreme Court Rules Against Seneca Nation

The New York Supreme Court has ruled against the Seneca Nation of Indians, allowing the state to collect sales tax on tobacco products sold to non-Indians.

The Seneca Nation has long fought the state in the matter, which has been a back-and-forth battle since the beginning, with one court ruling against the Senecas, and others slapping injunctions on the rulings.

Seneca President Robert Odawi Porter says the Seneca Nation intends to appeal the decision.

Porter, referring to a century-old treaty providing immunity from taxation, said that regardless of what the court rules, the Seneca Nation will never collect taxes for the state of New York.

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  1. BOB DEITRICK says:


  2. Scooby says:

    It is high time to SCALP the politicians….To the Seneca Nation , “DO NOT GIVE IN “

  3. LJ says:

    Robert Odawi Porter is a true leader.

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