Black Tea Party Patriot Speaks Out

(Tea – Liars Keep Lying! Sell Out-Black people; the New Black Panther Party and NAACP are lying to you.

The truth is very freeing! Listen up.

A few confused Black groups tell you ‘the white man is our enemy’ when it is a small befuddled raiment of the Black community. These confused Black organizations have no power, if they were really honest, they would tell you they get their money from the same table they so hate, the table the white man dines at as well.

For years these small groups of loud mouth and confused Blacks have labeled anyone that did not believe the way they did, and spoke out against them calling their victims ‘Uncle Toms’, when in fact, they are the real ‘Uncle Toms’! Instead of leading their community to a better and richer life they are driving Black people onto the slave master’s high-rise plantations.

The ‘Sell Outs’, quietly take and cannot stand without the support of the white man’s money. They are the Oreo’s desiring to have the power of the white man. They hate achievement; it goes against their agenda.

In the world of the ‘Sell Outs’ everyone is on welfare, lives in the project and eats government cheese. There is no need for education because the government will tell everyone what they need to know. There will be no need to work because the government will take care of everything. There will be no way to worship God because that gives men hope and hope is the last thing the god of Washington wants anyone to have.

The truth be told, the modern NAACP is nothing but a sock-puppet for those who drives the agenda of new slavery. This new slavery is without chains, but the Black community will be shackled never the less.

Those who fall victim will be shackled to the hopeless society the progressives seek to create.

Truth comes in every color, the New Black Panther Party does not hide their truth, and it is hatred for white people and Jews. They openly speak against what the freedoms the United States offers, using these same freedoms to advance their hideous agenda.

It is time to expose the true agenda of these confused and bewildered Black groups. One preaches their confusion in boots and black military uniforms, while the other in Brooks Brother’s suits, but the message is the same.

The confused ‘Uncle Toms’ have sold the Black community out for less than 30 pieces of silver. They are nothing more than prostitutes and cheap ones at that.

If those confused souls will sell themselves to the lowest bidder, they will surely sell you out as well.

An Unshackled Black Man
Rujon Williams

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