Teen Remains Missing; Last Known Person to See Him is now Dead

$2,500 cash reward offered for information leading to whereabouts of missing teen

Nieko A. Lisi, Missing since September 30, 2011

An 18-year-old Addison, NY teenager has been missing since September 30, 2011, and the last person to see him, possibly the only person with knowledge of his whereabouts, is now dead, according to authorities and family members.

Below is a timeline and further information involving the disappearance of Nieko A. Lisi. A $2,500 cash reward is being offered for information leading to his whereabouts.


1..(9/30/11) Nieko and Robbie are seen on a security camera in Kanona NY. Nieko’s face WAS NOT clearly visible.

2..(9/30/11) Nieko and Robbie were seen in Rochester on a security camera at Wegmans at 4 am. Nieko’s face WAS CLEARLY visible on camera.

3..(9/30/11) Nieko was last physically seen by his uncle with Robert Knight (Robbie) around 2 pm. Nieko told his uncle they were going to Buffalo to hang with friends. They were in a truck that Robbie said was his grandfathers. Robbie was driving the truck. Robbie’s Grandfather does not own a truck.

4..(10/1/11) Robbie arrived in Michigan sometime between 6 am and 10 am according to his girlfriend. His DAD said he found him sleeping at 11 am when he came home from work. Nobody in Robbie’s family seen Nieko. Robbie told his family that Nieko dropped him off.

5..(10/1/11) Robbie told his family that Nieko stole his phone. He was on his Grandfather’s cell plan and they turned service off to that phone.

6..(10/1/11) Nieko’s Grandmother called his phone sometime in the mid-afternoon (believed to be around 5 pm). He said he couldn’t talk and would call her back. He never did.

7..(10/3/11) Nieko’s mom received his license in the mail. It was found in the street in front of the Hornell post office and mailed from Hornell on 10/1/11.

8..(10/5/11) Robbie was questioned by Michigan police about Nieko’s disappearance. Robbie was taken from the police station to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

9..(10/9/11) Robbie was released from the hospital.

10..(10/10/11) Robbie passed away at his parents home sometime after 8 pm.


Nieko and Robbie traveled to Rochester and returned to the area. NIEKO WAS LAST SEEN BY HIS UNCLE IN ADDISON, NY. NOBODY can verify that Nieko was with Robbie when he arrived at his parent’s house in Michigan as Robbie’s family states they never saw Nieko.

Timeline was created from information provided by the family and the NYSP BCI unit.

  • NOW OFFERING A $2500 REWARD for information leading to the whereabouts of  Nieko A. Lisi (18 yrs old) from Addison,NY; last seen September 30th, 2011 by his family. Please call:
  • (607) 698-4201
  • (607) 661-0553
  • (607) 359-2309
  • (607) 458-5370
  • (607) 962-4604 NY State Police
  • You can remain ANONYMOUS. Anyone with this information please come forward and give Nieko’s family the answers that they need.

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  1. 20yearsbaby says:

    How can this kid be missing? He is on the run from the law. So with that being said how can the Coudynews air this? Others will not air it because he is not listed as a missing person. I am sure that his family wants to hear from him but if i was running from the law would you contact anyone? So you can form your own opinion but becareful because all of you reading this doesn’t know the truth and they all want you to feel sorry for them.

    Editor’s Response: As someone who is personally familiar with missing adult cases, I would first like to say that if he is indeed not listed as a ‘missing person’, it does not mean he is not missing. We had a family member who was missing for 3 years and law enforcement would do nothing to help. After 3 tireless years my extended family finally located him. He desperately wanted to return home, but didn’t know how. Had the family not persisted, he may still be gone today.

    Furthermore, we have credible evidence to the contrary of the accusations made above. We do not believe Mr. Lisi is ‘running from the law’. We have placed phone calls with authorities to confirm this information, but have yet to receive a response. Also, if Mr. Lisi is ‘running from the law’, then his whereabouts should be determined anyway.

    As for other news agencies not airing this story, I refer you to the scenario I described above. No news agency (save local newspapers and blogs such as CoudyNews) would publish the information, despite excessive and repeated attempts to get them to do so. This is one of the reasons we here at CoudyNews are more inclined to do so.

    Thank You,
    Tim Hallman – Editor

  2. 20yearsbaby says:

    SO you are not sure that he is not running from the law? Know the facts before you post something like this. Sorry but no one is credible. Furthermore, we have credible evidence to the contrary of the accusations made above. We do not believe Mr. Lisi is ‘running from the law’. We have placed phone calls with authorities to confirm this information, but have yet to receive a response. Also, if Mr. Lisi is ‘running from the law’, then his whereabouts should be determined anyway

    Editor’s Response: We have yet to find any evidence that Mr. Lisi has a warrant for his arrest. Since we cannot know that a warrant doesn’t exist in any of the 50 states, or counties of each state, or local jurisdictions within those counties, it would be unethical for us to say for certain. We cannot say for certain there are none, but again, we have yet to find any evidence a warrant exists. What evidence we do have is that Mr. Lisi went missing shortly before ‘Robbie’ passed away. If you have some evidence to show Mr. Lisi has a warrant, please share. In the meantime, we have done what we can to verify the information, which includes contacting authorities in NY.

    I’m not sure what you would like from us, but removing the article is against our policy.

  3. 20yearsbaby says:

    I guess you should have gotten facts before this was posted. Here is the article from:
    WETM 18 News has contacted authorities about Nieko Lisi; it is our policy that we only report on missing persons cases when asked by law enforcement officials. Because we have not been asked, we will not be reporting on it.

    Editor’s Response: Please read again what I wrote about media and law enforcement not listing adults as missing persons. WETM’s policy is that they only report on missing persons cases when asked by authorities. Just because WETM’s company policy keeps them from reporting news, does not mean we must adopt their policy. I’m not sure why WETM’s decision to not run an article has anything to do with our news agency to begin with. Also, just because they decided not to run the story does not make anything we have reported false or untrue.

    • Bliss says:

      20yearsbaby: I’m not sure what your problem is or how you’ve come to be so enlightened on Nieko’s disappearance. I have known his family for many years and I GUARANTEE you that his family is not the type to “want you to feel sorry for them”. At the end of the day, a mother is wanting to know where her son is….God forbid you ever have to know what that feels like.

    • Heidi Dietrich says:

      Thanks, Bliss for standing up for them. I don’t know any of them and heard about Nieko’s story over the net. I liked the page on Facebook. I can’t imagine what his mother is going through. Can you give her a hug from me? I’m Heidi and I live in Everett, Ma.

    • Amos Surrett says:

      Now Heidi I know what is wrong with you. First you are German. Second you are a Yankee. Third you are a dumb ass. Does anyone need to say more.

    • Niekos Sister says:

      Dear 20yearsbaby. This is Niekos sister. If you had a sibling or any feelings at all I dont see how you can post anything like that. I have two other siblings, one which is mine and Niekos older brother we grew up with. We were always very close and now we have a four year old baby sister. As the sister of nieko lisi I can assure you he wouldn’t go a year and a half without contacting his family. I spoke to him the day he got accused of what you have stated and he had no worry because he knew it wasnt true. So if you knew him personally you would know he isnt running from the law. how about you get your facts straight and dont talk about people you dont know. I hope you never have to experience a family member missing because you would feel ashamed of yourself for writing what you did. You are a disgrace to humanity and I promise you I will dedicate my life to prove your posts wrong. So thank you for helping me become more determined to find my brother due to your lack of common sense. And I would like to thank the kind people in all around the world who help look for my brother.

    • Gram2Haliae says:

      Dear Neiko’s Sister,
      I wish to pass along my prayers to your family in hopes that you find Neiko. I am a mother and a NANA and also my career choice has me working with kids. I know people can say things at times that can annoy and also try to disengage someone from continuing their searches to find their loved ones. I cannot say that I personally know anything because I do not but I pray that you will find him either way so that you can put your minds at ease. My daughter was missing once for 2 hrs when she was 2. She was right by my leg and when I turned around to give her the hot dog she wanted so badly she was gone. That was the longest 2 hrs of my life. I can only imagine when kids are missing for years. In cases like this no news is not good news. It is news you want one way or the other.
      If there is anything I can do to aid in finding your brother please let me know. Keep up hope if he has not been found yet as look at those 3 women in Cleveland. I also read about his missing and have a GUT feeling and usually they are right. If you need any help or I can do anything for you you can let me know and I will be happy to help in whatever way I can.

  4. Wow you are quite heartless 20yearsbaby. You are part of what is wrong with this country. I sincerely hope that they find this teen and soon.

    • Kandi Williams says:

      me personally i think 20yearsbaby is right!!! I dont think this kid is missing…he is running from the law, for 1 he is grown he’s not a child, im sure once he’s finished running the cops will get him!! i wouldnt waste my time looking for him being that he is a rapist!! shame on him…maybe he got what he deserved

    • K9Dingos says:

      This is not to fire up any rumor or the like and is for the purpose of allowing my client to know in any and all avenues I may have to share this with him, and this is the sole purpose this message is intended. The rape charge that was placed against my client was a false allegation and has been proven as such, the details are for the young men charged and to not be used for any other purpose. Nieko did not rape this young lady and it is proven. As a matter of fact charges were brought against the parties involved in making this claim. Nieko call me and lets just get the failure to appear straightened out and life is good, its what you make it from here on out. Sorry anyone would have to be charged with such a thing if its not true. 843-597-3397 text or call and /or k9dingos.com or pm here. Sad the news doesn’t share this part of the story and forever anyone that is “charged” those news stories will always pop up in a google search. The rights of the victim or the party that was listed as the victim are protected and even though the table is turned as to who was truly the victim with such an accusation when a minor is involved. The accused rapist always had these “stories” to live with but now there you have it, truth be told. Now lets find Nieko!!! So if you hear anyone claiming my client is running from a rape charge this is not the case.

    • Lilsismebe says:

      You must not really be the attorney because discussing anything to do with his legal matters on a discussion forum with other people would certainly be some sort of violation of attorney client privilege……

    • K9dingos says:

      Dear Lilsismebe I’m not his attorney.

    • Monica Button...Nieko's Mother says:

      In 15 months I have not had the pleasure of reading this and you Kandi Willliams I would like to meet face to face as I am Nieko’s mother…and for you 20yearsbaby the invitation is the same…apparently neither of you are parents and if you are I truly feel sorry for your children…until you know your facts I suggest you keep your mouths shut and I will also pray that nothing like this ever happens to anyone you are close to or God forbid a family member. Thank you CoudyNews for getting my son’s face out there.

    • Niekos Sister says:

      My brother was not a rapist. I have never hated anyone this much my whole life and I haven’t even met you. Congratulations you sick human being. You are a sick and cruel human and I hope you have to deal with the dumb people like yourself that I have to deal with everyday. Shame on you.

    • Heidi Dietrich says:

      Hi Niekos sister. Keep your chin up. We will have you and your mother’s back.

    • Heidi Dietrich says:

      Shame on you! Shame on you for saying such a thing. Who do you think you are? If he had rape charges against him, that would be put out there that they were looking for him with regards to a rape. You are cold and heartless. Got what he deserved?

  5. Bliss says:

    There is another man missing from Bath, NY.

  6. not the case says:

    what a heartless person you are” 20yearsbaby” but then again maybe your name tells it all ..you are the type of person who has always had things handed to you..REGARDLESS of if Neiko is wanted or not is not the question here..HE IS MISSING !!! you your self must not be a mother/grandmother WE worry about our children every hour of every day..Y all the family wants is to hear from this young man to know he is alive and well..WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS TO AIR HIS e LAUNDRY ANYWAYS ?? didnt your mom ever tell you if you dont have anything nice to say keep your opinions to yourself?? well take some advice do it ..if it were a family member of yours wouldnt you want help finding them??? Iam sureNeikos family would help you if the shoe were on the other foot..EVERYONE NEEDS TO HELP FIND THIS YOUNG MAN AND BRING HIM HOME!!!

  7. believeme111 says:

    The person commenting obviously is taking it personally and has been following this story. They may have every right not to like him but there is a time and a place for everything. His family has never said that he was perfect but he is perfectly theirs so please be respectful. The story is sad no matter what the problems were/are.

  8. JustAGirlK says:

    Maybe this his something to do with his dissaperence, wether he ran or someone made him dissapear?

  9. JustTheFacts says:

    In response to 20yearsbaby – it never ceases to amaze those of us with an IQ above 70 just how many arm chair detectives there are out there. You state that the editor needs to get facts straight – I think you should take your own advice. The local news is now carrying this story, which aired on 12/02/2011 on YNN.com and there was also an interview with the NYS Police BCI Unit, Troop E out of Canandaguia, NY. Running from the law? No mention of that in the news report. Maybe you know something that the police don’t? Perhaps you yourself are involved in something? Or maybe you are more educated that the forensics team of the NYSP because according to a report there was no forensic evidence to support a claim like yours. The young man that is the focus of this article is in fact listed as a missing person with many local and state agencys and has a case number. In addition, the article referenced by JustAGirlK should have been followed up on as well. No inditement. There must be evidence. This is not the old west where convictions were based on “gut feeling”. In this country people are innocent until proven guilty, based on evidence, forensic, DNA, or othewise. If you are old enough to remember the OJ case – forensic evidence is what that case was based on. In the words of Johnny Cochran, one of OJ’s lead council, “If the gloves don’t fit, you must aquit”. Rumor and speculation don’t hold up in a court of law and shame on you for publicly pointing fingers without hard evidence to support your claims. A teen is missing, a family is devastated and the police are working to help this family. With your knowledge of the law I don’t need to remind you that there are reprocussions to Slander and Defamation of Character. I trust that if one were to put your family tree under a microscope that nothing would ever come out of the woodwork. Consider yourself blessed that no one in your family has never had a bump in the road. With that said, I now wish to tell this young mans family that prayers and well wishes are with them for a positive outcome.

  10. Gram2Haliae says:

    People should help people find their loved ones not discourage them. If you know something 20yearsbaby then say something to the police where it would count or were you involved in some way to this matter? Seems to me you are cruel hearted. The kid is missing…..I am sure his mom and family would like to know where he is just like I am sure if you were missing and not heard from for this long your family would want to hear from you too. I know if I could find every missing person out there it would make my day. I know it would not always be happy news but at least they would have closure. Please be kinder

  11. Lisa Bruce says:

    Time to air this information again. Let’s keep the Search for Nieko Lisi alive. He is still missing and missed by his family.

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