Teens in Trouble

POTTER CO. – A 13-year-old Potter County teenager is facing charges for simple assault, harassment and criminal mischief after an incident on Tuesday, August 16.

Police say the teenager verbally threatened two victims, and then pushed one of them into a chair, causing injuries.  The juvenile is also accused of damaging a residence by pulling a door off its frame.

Listed as victims in the crime were a 10-year-old juvenile and a 32-year-old female.

Charges will be brought against the accused teen through Juvenile Probation.



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  1. J says:

    Another case of poor parenting and the kids act out. Have less kids and start to care about them rather than focusing on yourselves!

  2. D says:

    Some people need to keep there comments to thy self when they dont know the whole story and dont know the situation. Next time get the facts before you start posting comments on something you know nothing about.

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