Tensions Rise Over Native Cigarette Tax, Casino Payments

Tribal Council vows to stop casino payments, some Natives say state has ‘declared war’

A State Supreme Court Judge dealt a blow to Seneca Natives yesterday after lifting a 4-year-long injunction that prevented State officials from requiring cigarette wholesalers to prepay sales tax on cigarettes.

Now, the Tribal Council plans to stop making casino payments to the state over an issue with the new Hamburg Casino, saying the new state casino violates a 2001 Gaming Pact.

Signs stating that New York State has declared war on the sovereign nation were spotted briefly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Soo, I just watched the news station give exactly one side of the story.

    I think they enjoy polarizing people for ratings but what they don’t understand is that this could easily get violent.

    I don’t think they care, it will just give them something else to report on later.

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