Third Victim Found Dead in Car with Gunshot Wound

Editor’s Note: While we previously decided not to publish this article amid complaints about a previous article, the timing and similarity of this event is too great not to.

WILCOX – Another victim has been found shot to death in her car, just days after two other men were also found shot to death in their vehicles.

Marcy M. Hodgdon, 39, of Wilcox, PA, was discovered last Thursday afternoon in her vehicle at a pull-off along Lockes Hill Road in Jones Township, Elk County. Police say she died of a single gunshot wound to the head. Her body was discovered by a passerby who called 911. Hodgdon was transported to Elk County Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Approximately a week ago, 48-year-old Mark Moyer, of Liberty, PA, was found shot to death in his vehicle along Mase Road in Liberty Township. Moyer also died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Two days before Moyer’s death, 49-year-old Christopher Didas, of Hornell, NY, was found along a pull-off on Route 49. Didas, who also suffered a gunshot wound to the head, was taken to Robert Packard Hospital in Sayre, where he died.

Police so far are ruling each case a suicide.

We contacted State Police in Coudersport and asked them about the coincidence. They had no comment and said they could release no further information.

According to the CDC, women are much less likely to use a firearm while committing suicide, compared to men.

We are still awaiting call-backs from other law enforcement agencies.

We will continue to update this story if/when further information becomes available.



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  1. Jspetrencsik says:

    Three sad cases here , but coincidence could be the only answer. Investigations take time await the final results.

  2. Tim H says:

    True, but consider that each case is in a different jurisdiction. Do you think all 3 departments are aware of all 3 incidents?

    • Larae says:

      great thought Tim, I hope someone or something lets them know…gives me chills. thanks for posting this as I can never find s*** on Solomon.

  3. janie willis says:

    i dont think there could be that many people taken their life the same way that lose together! hello!does murder mean anything?

  4. yes thats me says:

    I think something funny is going on!! now come on ppl what would you think..3 ppl all shot in the head.. there has got to be something more than suicide on these officers mind..drug related maybe?

  5. Gerry1 says:

    My question is this, if all 4 cases now are suicide… are they actually finding a gun near the bodies?

    • coudynews says:

      We did inquire about the guns used. The only response we received was that they normally thoroughly investigate the origin of the weapon used, in order to return it to its rightful owner, if one exists. However, that is all the information we could get. We were not told if the firearms belonged to any of the victims or relatives.

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