Tim Walck Photography offers Photography Lessons

Anyone can improve their photographic abilities with a mentoring session, whether you are looking to get better pictures of your kids with a point and shoot, or trying to understand your complicated DSLR and lens, or maybe your about to go traveling and want to take great landscape photos, or if you want to share your photos over the internet but need some help!    We will taylor a lesson to fit your individual needs.  Point & Shoot users are more than welcome!

What should you bring?
  • Yourself
  • Your Camera + Lenses
  • Charged batteries!
  • Computer – only for lessons in editing and online publishing
  • Notebook
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Photos you have already taken

Individual Rates (one on one, or up to 3 students)
1 Hour        $100
2 Hours      $150
4 Hours      $200

Group Rates (4 or more students)
1 Hour       $50/person
2 Hours     $75/person
4 Hors       $100/person

Lessons are offered regarding the following areas:
  • Composition
  • Photographing people
  • Photographing the Outdoors
  • Photographing Buildings
  • Posing
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Camera Tech
  • Lens Tech
  • Image Processing/Editing
  • Online album creation
  • Social media site publishing
  • Portfolio Review
Are you really… really interested in photography?

Shadow a Portrait Photosession
  • Real photo session:                 $200
  • Mock Session with a model:   $400
If you are interested in photography and think you want to get into the industry this is the perfect option for you.  You will be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and
experience what goes into a professional photo shoot, from location scouting to post processing and advertising.

Your day will be begin in the morning, or day before the shoot with location scouting.  We will discuss what will fit the photo session, how light will be different later in the day, and the composition aspects of each location.  Then we will spend time discussing posing techniques and camera/lens choices before the model arrives.  When the model arrives, hair and makeup will be done by our specialist, while we talk with the model about the shoot.  During the shoot you will get hands-on experience with our professional grade cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment while using composition and posing ideas from earlier in the day.  After the shoot you will get to see how the images are processed, edited, and displayed in online galleries.

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