Tops, Weis, Wegmans “Pink Slime” Statements

Wegmans spokeswoman Jo Natale has given more details about the store’s use of “pink slime” in their meat products.  The Chain’s ground beef supplier is Cargill Meat Solutions;  they use citric acid instead of ammonium hydroxide in their lean finely textured beef (LFTB) products.  However the number of calls and e-mails from customers who were still concerned about the trimmings has prompted Wegmans to remove LFTB altogether as soon as Cargill is able to reformulate.  The timeline for that is still undetermined.  Until then, the ground beef with trimmings will remain on store shelves.  If you want to purchase ground beef at Wegmans without LFTB while the switch is made, Wegmans’ Organic and Food You Feel Good About labels are the way to go.

Weis Markets also issued a statement noting that the company will not purchase ground beef containing LFTB.

According to spokeswoman Katie McKenna, Tops Friendly Markets and its suppliers do not use LFTB in any of their fresh ground beef products.

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