Township Officials Get Daylong ‘Cram Course’

causerThere was an excellent turnout and a jam-packed agenda at Saturday’s 83rd annual convention of the Potter County Association of Township Officials, held at the Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department Training Center. Prior to the formal program, the organization paid tribute to Donna Lehman, who recently stepped down after decades of service as secretary to the association. State Representative Martin Causer is shown addressing the township officials on state government issues. Causer said he often finds himself advocating for the same causes that township officials are pushing, making himself in effect “a lobbyist for township governments.” He said he is seeking to modify some of the regulations that are limiting land development in rural Pennsylvania and increasing costs for local governments by requiring that prevailing wages be paid on certain construction projects.

Congressman Glenn Thompson also addressed the township leaders. He recommended that they consider applying for federal assistance for rural economic development through the Agriculture Department. Thompson also said he opposes federal regulation of shale gas development, since he believes the states are better equipped to do it. Other topics covered at Saturday’s convention were flood plain management, tax assessment and the many legislative initiatives that are being supported by the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.

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