Turzai Comments on Commonwealth Court Voter ID Ruling

Rep. Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny)

PITTSBURGH – The following is a statement from Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny County) on the decision released today from Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson affirming Act 18, the latest in a series of election protection laws passed by the legislature since 2001. Act 18 became law in March. Pennsylvania’s voter ID requirements will provide election officials with an important tool to detect not only incidents of impersonation fraud, but double voting, voting by non-citizens and voting under a fictitious registration. The new law’s absentee voter ID requirements will help to deter absentee ballot fraud.

“The integrity of each and every valid vote was upheld today. As the court said, the requirements of Act 18 will be implemented in a non-partisan, even-handed manner by Commonwealth agencies, and qualified voters will have their votes counted.

“The many election reforms enacted, including voter ID, are aimed to ensure citizens and registered voters have the right to vote and have their vote counted. It’s about one person, one vote, and each instance of fraud dilutes legitimate votes.

“It is unfortunate, but there has been a history of voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

“The elections in the Commonwealth will be on a more level playing field thanks to voter ID and other recent election reforms.”

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  1. OldJames says:

    You are a liar Mr. Turzai. Even you Governor Corbett never prosecuted one case of voter fraud in his career as attorney general. Show the record, how many cases have been brought to court? This is nothing but a talking point issued by the Republican National Committee. It must be nice to be able cut already registered voters from the role, especially if they are from the opposite party, by using a judge who is willing to legislate from the bench.

    • YoungConstitutionalist says:

      ROFLMAO Sit down, Old Commie. You’re are obviously a shill for the Dems.

      This is superb news for the Commonwealth. ‘Bout time. Makes perfect sense and there is no SANE argument against it. Unless you are Old James of course.

      Thank you, Governor Corbett. Not just for this law that is good for PA but also for the Castle Doctrine. Corbett is the FIRST governor in my lifetime who was not an anti-American bastard.

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