Two Suffer Broken Noses following Fight at Northwoods

PSP asks witnesses for help in investigation

COUDERSPORT – State Police in Coudersport are investigating a bar fight in which two victims suffered broken noses.

State Police say on Saturday, August 13, at 2:23 am a verbal argument between two women escalated into a physical altercation when one of the women allegedly attacked the other, hitting her with closed fists and then picking up a beer bottle and hitting her in the head with it.

Police say the victim’s boyfriend attempted to break up the fight, but the assailant’s boyfriend attacked him as well, striking and kicking him in the head repeatedly.

Both the man and woman suffered broken noses as a result of the attacks.

Police say both suspects, listed as a 39-year-old man and woman from Coudersport, have been identified, pending further investigation.

Witnesses and suspects are encouraged to contact State Police at 814-274-8690.


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  1. Bada Bing says:

    Seems odd that there is almost a blow by blow description of the fight yet they are asking for help from witnesses.

    As for the attacking couple, they belong in the zoo. Someone who kicks another while they are on the ground should be charged with attempted murder. What a couple of lowlifes.So nice they found eachother.

  2. Bill Tetley says:

    More witnesses help the case against these two.

  3. Bada Bing says:

    I keep hoping they are going to identify these fools. Not that they have enough sense to be embarrassed. At least the rest of us will be forewarned so we can steer clear of these POS. (plural)

  4. Tammy says:

    You would think the daughter of the former police chief could defend herself without needing the help of her husband or getting a broken nose.

  5. friend says:

    Tammy that comment was uncalled for

  6. Anom says:

    She is not the daughter of the former police chief, she is the daughter of the former sherriff

  7. al gore says:

    Tammy-You make a good argument. I suppose you are the type we see brawling on Jerry Springer as we sit there wondering to ourselves if people like you really exist. I hope as Bob Barker advises you’ve been spayed or neutered. I’m not sure which would apply in your case.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The female victim and who’s daughter she is doesn’t matter..the point is is that she is a very nice lady and she by no means deserved it. And I would hope her husband would defend her. It fails to say she had her head beatten into the ground and she bled from everywhere..unable to be moved due to head trauma. And in the meantime her husband is getting kicked in the head with steel toed boots. Doesn’t say the life flight was on standby because of the females condition. Because she’s the daughter of a prior sheriff she shouldn’t have let this happen..or it shouldn5t have happened….she had no choice..and the attacking couple had it set in their minds they were going to beat the hell out of someone. I’ve heard the attacking couple were caught that night…quickly after the incident. I also hope something happens to the was not just some was very severe and who knows if either would’ve stopped if it wasn’t fear of the police. My thoughts and prayers go to the attacked couple!

  9. madashell says:

    Wow, grow up….These people are 39 years old….Why are their names not published??? If it were a 18 year old, you would post them!! Or any plan old would tell the name, public intoxication???? No No No, charges for others who broke the noses, Yes Yes Yes….only in POTTER COUNTY!!!! Police are no longer there to protect and serve, but to charge only in drunken issues, and drugs…. that is all the crimes they think are here….Wake up, and smell the crimes!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    yeah…unless it has to due with drugs or alcohol, the police dont care. they cant get their quota that way. and im sure this “investigation” is really moving. i will not say the names of the victims..someone else can say that..and they are the 39 year olds..the attackers are from ages 30 to 34. and their names are **************** and ***************.

  11. really? says:

    Why do you have to be able to defend yourself if your parent was in law enforcement? It also seems that the male attacker was in some trouble in march of this year. Coudersport is such a lovely place.

  12. Bill says:

    Has there been no more information released on this? Who were the accused? Where’s the follow up on this story? I agree with the previous posters that state other people who are accused of crimes their names are in the report. Come on admin. Let’s see some reporting. I wouldn’t be quite so adamant about this except that I see this a lot on here, if it isn’t a story that has any interest for Tim there is no follow up. Sorry if I seem rude about this.

    Editor’s Response: Bill, I cannot make the police give me the info. Although we are 99% sure who it was, there has been no further official information provided to us. I’ll see what I can dig up.

  13. Bill says:

    Thanks. I know I’ll appreciate getting the information on the story as well as many others who read your news.. I was out of the area for the past two weeks and was hoping to catch up on the local news.

    Editor’s Response: Thanks, Bill. I should mention, beginning this fall we will be dedicating much more time to CN. This includes the web design as well as covering local news. As it stands, CN is mostly a part time endeavor. Soon we will have much more time. Expect our coverage to reflect this fact. Thanks for reading!

  14. just sayin ! says:

    Well if Rumor is true and the victim is the Daughter of a former sheriff, then anybody who is a local knows that this is not the first time it has happened.

    This was an EVERY weekend event. I thought she had grown out of it but I guess not. AND since her father was a former state cop also, the stories were always brushed under the rug at the Denton Hill office and never reported in the news. Anybody who was at these places on the weekends going back 20 years ago, knows exactly what I’m talking about.

    Not saying she deserved it or not, I’m just saying when she gets to drinking there is ALWAYS fighting involved. ALWAYS.

    It is hard to defend yourself even as a victim when you have a history of it.

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