Update on Bizarre Biker Death

Authorities not so quick to rule suicide in bizarre biker’s death

WESTMORELAND CO. – Yesterday we reported on the tragic suicide of a motorcyclist, but authorities aren’t ruling it suicide just yet.

William M. Amos, 47, of Export was found dead lying beneath his 1982 Harley Davidson Sportster MC shortly before 1 am on Friday morning along Route 819.

At first authorities believed Amos had died as the result of colliding with a nearby dead deer. When they initially pulled the Harley Davidson off Amos, who had not been wearing a helmet, it appeared that he had died as the result of head trauma caused by impacting the the clutch or brake on the bike. However, authorities soon found a handgun lying nearby that had been registered to Amos, and so they performed an autopsy.

There was a fracture to the rear of his head, and the gun laying on the ground. We decided to collect other evidence and send him for autopsy,

said Chief Deputy Coroner Paul Cycak.

Autopsy reports indicated that Amos had died as the result of a gun shot wound to the head, which quickly had investigators puzzled.

In 32 years (in law enforcement and the coroner’s office) I’ve never heard of or even read anything similar to this. It’s so tragic, there’s still so many questions, but a lot of times there are not answers,

said Chief Deputy Coroner Paul Cycak.

Original reports said that Amos had been shot in the back of the head, but new information indicates that he was actually shot in the front of the head with the bullet existing the rear.

Authorities did say that Amos had suffered a leg injury in the crash that would’ve been quite painful, but not life-threatening.

Although police do believe Amos died as the result of a self inflicted gunshot wound, they’re waiting until toxicology and gun residue tests come back before making an official ruling.

Amos belonged to the Allegheny County Sherriff’s Toy Run and Westmoreland county ABATE.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the gun shot to the head was murder or an accident. Who knows if someone else was at the scene? I mean it is not up to me to say but, could someone have come along and being sick minded killed him as he was pinned under his bike?

    Maybe somehow by a freak accident the gun went off and hit him in the head. I do not for a minute think he killed himself, that does not make any sense at all.

    I wonder where are the witnesses, if any at all?

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