Update on Rt. 44 MVA

COUDERSPORT – Melissa S. Tilley, 19, of Coudersport, was driving a 1999 Dodge Stratus south on Rt. 44 at 1:20 am yesterday morning when she attempted to swerve and miss a deer, losing control of her vehicle. Tilley’s vehicle traveled across the northbound lane, struck a utility pole, and then traveled back across both lanes before coming to rest on the west berm of the roadway.

The accident occurred about a mile north of the Rt. 44 and Rt. 49 intersection.

Tilley sustained minor injuries during the accident. Her vehicle suffered disabling damage.

Police determined that she was driving under the influence of alcohol and transported her to Charles Cole Memorial Hospital for a BAC test.

She will charged with Driving Under the Influence among other traffic violations.

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  1. A concerned mom says:

    I would like to address this whole county and anyone else who has the same concerns as I do. Drinking and driving is definately on the rise quick especially here in Potter County. This is an epidemic that is and could take the lives of many people young and old in our area. As dangerous as we all know driving under the influence is I believe that texting while driving is just as much a problem. How many people in a day do you see talking or texting on the phone while they are driving??? If you notice like me, the ratio would moast likely be 80 out of 100 people. When will the police and or lawmakers in this area finally crack down on this??? How many teens have to be killed or seriously injured?? When you even suspect that your teen has been drinking and driving or have even caught them texting or driving why is that most parents say “well if it happens again….” Why wait till it happens again? Next time they could be dead. Why take that chance?? I am just voicing my opinion on this issue because it has recently happened to our family. Our loved one could of been killed or killed someone else had she not been told “if it happens again..” Parents please take responsiblity for your childen no matter if they are young or older teens especially when it involves a vehicle and if the police would keep a better eye on this we might lessen the chances of death in our area. Thank you for listening!!

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