Verizon Strike Continues

COUDERSPORT – Verizon workers continue for a third day today to strike, as negotiators for Verizon are reported to be meeting in New York.

Verizon members of CWA on strike in Coudersport

At issue are workers’ pension plans and medical benefits, which Verizon wants to cut.

Representatives from Verizon contend the market is changing and the giant telecom must adapt to a new, wireless world, in order to remain competitive.

The industry says 27 percent of Americans no longer have landline phones – a significant decrease in the number of homes served by traditional wire lines in the past several years.

Also notable is that Verizon Wireless is not part of the strike; it is a separate company, 45 percent owned by Vodafone Group. Significantly, it is a nonunion operation.

How long the strike will last is yet to be determined. Verizon negotiators have held firm, stating the economic realities of today’s market do not justify previously negotiated pay and benefits.

On the other hand, union representatives argue they are simply defending what they already were given.





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  1. anom says:

    Put on your big boy panties. What other company hasn’t had to give back?

  2. dottienj says:

    1) Not all of us IBEW 827 members are men. 2) Your jealousy is nothing more than a hostile form of self pity. God Bless.

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