Verizon Strike will Delay Internet Orders, Repairs

No new internet/phone installations until agreement reached

COUDERSPORT – Customers accessing the internet by Verizon or SpiderWisp DSL will see delays in installation and repair times due to a strike involving an estimated 45,000 unionized Verizon employees.

A representative from SpiderWisp, LLC, a Coudersport-based internet service provider, confirmed today the strike will delay internet installations:

Provisioning on the Verizon network will be delayed until an agreement is reached. Verizon has confirmed they will be delaying all current orders… and new orders will not be processed.

Provisioning escalations will NOT be accepted at this time, unless the order is for Public Safety, Medical, E911 or Out of Service situations. Verizon has advised us that Repair orientated tasks will be covered by non-union mgmt employees; however, the expectation is delays should be expected as well.

How long the strike will last still seems to be anyone’s guess.



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