VIDEO: Car Fire in Coudersport

Video of the fire that destroyed an Eagle Talon in North Coudersport (Rubbertown) earlier today. Fire personnel from the Coudersport Fire Department made quick work of the fire, extinguishing it moments after arriving at the scene.

This video has been edited to include a cover song rather than the original audio, as it included foul language from onlookers.

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  1. Dannstephs says:

    well…thats 1 less vehicle speeding up & down the street in Rubbertown.- thank goodness. Its too bad that we cant even get traffic control there & with all the kids in the “hood”, i only pray each day that they will all be safe & not get hit by one of these speeding vehicles.

  2. Sallymae says:

    Yea a silver Chevy extended cab with a woman driver and a blue Dodge with a male driver come right to mind. I’ve seen both of them going no less than 70 mph right down Avenue A. The funny part is, they are the very people who gripe and moan about kids playing in the neighborhood. No wonder.

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