VIDEO: Massive Gas Line Explosion in Ohio

Just recently a Horsehead, NY home exploded, killing a toddler.

Not long after, we had our own scare here in Coudersport, as local emergency personnel quickly averted a possible disaster after a gas line broke in a Coudersport woman’s home.

Then, a man was killed while working on a pipeline in Potter County.

Two days ago, an Allentown, PA home exploded, killing 5 people and destroying several houses.

Now, an Ohio gas line explosion has been caught on tape.

These latest catastrophes have garnered nationwide attention, and have many wondering how safe natural gas really is.

Others lay blame on the aging natural gas delivery infrastructure in the United States.

Regardless, one thing seems certain; these high profile cases will only add ‘gas’ to the fire that is the natural gas debate.

The following video was taken by a homeowner in Ohio. Fortunately, no one was injured in this blast.

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