Watrous Gas Well Incident Update

WATROUS – What was initially thought to be a gas well explosion outside Galeton, PA near Watrous has been determined to be an “industrial accident”.

Recently Officials have released more information concerning the incident.

Nels Taber, from the DEP said this, “The information I have is that a piece of metal hit one worker in the head, causing a skull laceration and another one had broken ribs”.

The man who suffered the injury to his head was initially unconscious, but both victims were reportedly conscious when medics transported them.

Tioga County Emergency Management Agency Coordinator Dennis Colegrove said, “Bascially a pipe coupling came apart and two workers were injured. It was a very short lived incident, and there was no other danger beyond that, and no hazardous materials were spilled”.

He went on to say that just because the men were airlifted did not necessarily mean their injuries were serious, but that utilizing helicopters for transportation was sometimes more practical in such remote areas.

An investigation continues, but Colegrove believes OSHA and the company will wrap the matter up with an investigation into what wrong. Officials will likely determine whether or not the accident was a result of manufacturer defect, or human error. See original article on the “explosion” here.

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