We Need YOUR Help!

CoudyNews.com will this year host a Christmas Tree. We will soon be placing a Christmas tree in the right sidebar. The tree at first will be bare, with hardly any decorations.

It will be up to YOU to help us decorate the tree!

Here is where we need YOUR help. There are several things that will happen with the Christmas tree.

First, readers will be able to place ornaments on the tree and even place gifts underneath the tree, simply by making a small donation ($1+) to the Christmas House via PayPal. Once you have made a donation, an ornament or gift will appear on or beneath the tree and will display whatever donor’s name you submit when making your donation when users roll their mouse over the ornament or gift!

We are currently seeking suggestions and comments while we develop the flash application that will be the Christmas tree.

We are also hoping to find a corporate sponsor for the tree, that will match whatever donations we receive, up to a fixed dollar amount.

If you have any suggestions or comments, or if your business or organization is interested in sponsoring this wonderful charity, please contact us by emailing support@coudynews.com.

Note: The Christmas House is not involved in soliciting these donations. We decided to make the Christmas House this year’s beneficiary of our first ever Christmas tree charity after I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful folks who maintain and do so much at the Christmas House here in Coudersport. Since they informed me that they cannot solicit donations, I thought it was an excellent idea to do it on their behalf.

Please let me know what you all think! Email us, or leave a comment below.

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