Wellsville Cat Featured in USA Today for Saving Owner

The Wellsville Daily Reporter

Inky, a 7-year old, black, female cat, went for help when her owner, Glen Kruger, was going into shock after being knocked down a flight of stairs in January 2009.

That act won Inky national attention in an article by Sharon L. Peters in the Dec. 14 issue of USA Today and on Facebook. The article highlighted three rescued pets who went to their owner’s rescue. Inky was the only cat and her story was selected out of more than 200 that were submitted.

As Kruger tells the story, “it was just before midnight Jan. 23, 2009, when I went down to the cellar to shut down the wood stove for the night. When I went back upstairs I accidently dislodged a prop that was holding a dropdown attic door. The door crashed down and knocked me back down the stairs.”

Read entire article here.

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